Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PES 2010 Patch 1.4 by razib_46

PES 2010 Patch 1.4 by razib_46 PES 2010 Patch 1.4 Features: - Compatible with 1.7 DLC - Updated kits for many national teams - All 32 World Cup 2010 national teams has correct 23 players - All 32 World Cup 2010 national teams has correct squad numbers - Fixed "game plan" bug. Now you can edit your team and save it. - Replaced "Move You - The Urgency" song with Wavin' Flag - "K'Naan" (official FIFA World Cup 2010 song) - Contains all features from patch 1.3 This players are substituted from their national teams for injury: - England: Michael Dawson (Tottenham Hotspur) replaced Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) - Portugal: Ruben Amorim (S.L. Benfica) replaced Nani (Manchester United) This players are not sure if they will play the World Cup for injury (at the moment they are with their respective national teams): - Cote d'Ivoire: Drogba - Italy: Pirlo and Camoranesi - Netherlands: Robben - Usa: Altidore You can have this features by installing addons: - Fifa World Cup 2010 scoreboard - HD emblems for all clubs and national teams PES 2010 Patch 1.3 features: - Added Liga Sagres league in "Exibition" (16 teams) - Added Coca Coca Championship league in "Exibition" (24 teams) - All Coca Cola Championship teams playable in "Master League" - Added 6 All Stars Teams (Europe All Stars, Africa All Stars etc...) - Updated kits fot many teams - Added new faces - Compatible with 1.6 DLC - All 32 Champions League teams - All Europa Leage Teams - All South Africa World Cup 2010 national teams - Added all missing national teams to play all cups (African Cup of Nations, AFC Asian Cup etc...) - Added 5 Under 21 national teams (England U21, Germany U21, Italy U21, Spain U21, Netherlands U21) - Added most important teams in Europe, Asia and Americas - All Bundesliga Teams in place of Eredivisie (18 teams) - Eredivisie in place of Other League B - 18 Coca Cola Championship teams in ML 2 - All Coca Cola championship teams fully playable in exibiton - Updated Winter transfers - Updated national teams kits - Added Champions League, Europa League and 3rd jersey for many teams. - Updated club kits - Original boots - Many new Faces - Original team names, player names, stadium names etc... - Original league, team, cup logos - Original emblems for all club teams - Original flags for all national teams - Orignal calendar logos - Orignal trophy images - And more... Credits "pes2010plus" need to create extra leagues - "leaflet" Installation (with screenshots inside): 1 - Install the official KONAMI patch 1.3 if you didn't do it yet. 2 - Update your game to 1.07 version if you didn't do it yet. (go to "System setting" => "Download" and install the latest patch). Plase watch image 0. 3 - Copy all files from "save" folder to you PES 2010 "save" folder. Please watch images 1 4 - Copy all files from "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" folder (of the patch) to your main "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" folder (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010). Please watch image 2. 5 - Go to "kitserver" folder and run manager.exe (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\kitserver). Please watch image 3. 6 - Press "attatch" to install the patch. Please watch image 4. 7 - Go to your main "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" folder (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010) and right click on "pes2010plus.exe" and click on "send to" => "desktop (create shortcut)". 8 - Now in your desktop you'll find to "PES 2010" shortcut. Please run the game with "pes2010plus.exe - shortcut". Please watch image 5. 9 - Now the patch it's installed. You don't need any switch file to play "Become A Legend" and "Master league". Enjoy the game! IF YOU WANT TO SELECT 3RD JERSEY, JUST PRESS "1" FOR HOME AND "2" FOR AWAY KIT IN THE KIT SELECTION MENU (DO NOT USE KEYBORD NUMBERS)


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